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Inspire News: By Students, For Students

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Image of the purple pages team. Far left, Mr.Peek. On his right, KK Khant. On their right, Vivian Conery. On their right, Nylo Drummand. On their right, Phoebe Parks.

Fun at The Faire!

Margareta Grant-Dreher, Reporter April 29, 2024

Last saturday, On April 20th, the city Chico gathered together for an Earth Day celebration at the endangered species faire. This event usually takes place annually at Cedar Grove, but this year it was...

MK Kidd skis down a slope during the final race

A semester on the slopes

Margareta Grant-Dreher, Reporter February 26, 2024

This year has been one of immense growth for sports at Inspire. In some clubs, attendance has increased threefold. With increased participation in the various sports oriented teams throughout campus, it...

The boarded up parking lot of the old downtown 7-11 building

Safe Space Shut Down

Elliott Herlihy, Graphic Designer February 19, 2024

In Chico, there is a clear and present issue with the amount of people that are unsheltered, and oftentimes living on the streets. There are over 100,000 people who live in Chico, and around 1,000 are...

Striking Up an Agreement

Striking Up an Agreement

Elliott Herlihy, Graphic Designer February 5, 2024

For those living in Chico, or having passed through downtown in the last couple weeks, you may have noticed the picket lines of Chico State faculty on strike. The planned five day strike began on Monday,...

Aimee Hou, on the Stoble rooftop in downtown Chico.

The Differences Between Chinese and American School Life

Aimee Hou, Guest Writer February 5, 2024

I still remember how shocked I was when I first joined an American class five years ago. Desks were arranged in a curved shape, and students were on all fours or sitting on a hanging basket. That’s...

Don’t take your rights for granted: Why you should protest in 2024

Don’t take your rights for granted: Why you should protest in 2024

Julian Manning, Editor-in-Chief January 29, 2024

As I walked across Broadway over to the annual Women’s March Chico “Bigger Than Roe” Day of Action, I didn't see anyone at first. I anxiously checked my phone over and over again, wondering if I...

SEC: School Based Crises

SEC: School Based Crises

Elliott Herlihy, Graphic Designer January 29, 2024

Inspire is a school that prides itself on taking student input seriously. The Student Equity Council (SEC) is a project made as a place for students to use their voice to give input to school policy and...

Yasir Diego Nassif-Sanchez (12) backs into Aidan Liston (11) while MK Kidd (11) yells at the both of them. 
(Photos are a recreation)

Cruising For a Bruising

Margareta Grant-Dreher, Reporter January 22, 2024

In such an individualized and fast-paced world, selfish actions are frighteningly common as it pertains to the road. I’m sure we are all familiar with the breakneck nature of aggressive drivers, as well...

A rainbow shines over the Inspire campus.

A New Horizon

Gage Carango April 30, 2023

With the passing of our beloved teacher and friend, Steven Tadeo, many of us grieve at our own pace as we return to normalcy. We understand that it will be hard going forward. However with the end of the...

Skilled students compete to win

Enessia Estrada, Writer April 30, 2023

Recently our SkillsUSA team went to compete in the state competition. The SkillsUSA competition show- cases the best career and technical education students in the nation. Contests begin locally and continue through...

Drew Cramer-Hicks (10) belts punk hymns into the microphone.

See You in the Pit

Phoebe Parks, Editor March 31, 2023

It seems like punk bands are popping up all around Inspire. Playing primarily at the Naked Lounge, and garage shows. How did we get here? Sure Inspire churns out incredible performers left and right,...

Teeing Off: A start to the season

Teeing Off: A start to the season

Gage Carango March 31, 2023

The moment where you’ve been preparing for something, yet when it comes to the day of, it can be scary is familiar to most. After weeks of preparation, the Inspire Golf Team has entered the golf season....

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